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#which time #when you taught him how to walk #or talk #or play ball #shoot a gun #hit on a girl #drink #fight #throw darts #lie cheat fix an engine sew up a wound get up in the morning when you feel like dying#what is it exactly you’re talking about right now dean? #BECAUSE ALL I’M GETTING OUT OF THIS IS PAIN AND THE URGE TO VOMIT

I just lost it at the dinner table and I think my family can’t wait to get rid of me







#please let this be the last two words of supernatural

how about i stab you in the chest

There’s too much blood and they both know it. This is it. No more redos, no more reset buttons. Dean looks over at where Sam’s sprawled on the ground three feet away. He can barely breathe, ribs skewering his insides, and all he can taste is blood and bile. But he can still see Sammy. Even if Sam can’t see him.

His baby brother’s hazel eyes are slowing but surely glazing over. 

Dean feels it coming, the dark, it’s eating away at the corners of his eyes and his mind.  He searches for something to say, anything, everything in this last moment, but all he manages to cough out is one, final, single word. 


Sam laughs and it’s wet, hacking, his last breath. 

“Jerk,” he replies and they both know, sure as anything, that what they’re really saying is “I love you” and “See you soon.”



oh my god im fucking cryingg

i just lost it in the middle of my living room floor

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